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A Wrench is a tool for placing Wire. Wires are used to connect mechanisms together, such as a trap with a Pressure Plate. Holding a wrench allows players to see laid wires. Wires are placed in their own layer, and thus can be placed over furniture, blocks, and walls. All Wrenches are sold by the Mechanic.

There are currently three different Wrenches: the Wrench places red wire, the Green Wrench places green wire, and the Blue Wrench places blue wire. All Wrenches use the same ordinary Wire item as ammunition, but the color of wrench used will determine the color of wire when placed. The colors all function identically, but can be placed so as to overlap or intersect each other without interfering with each other.

A Wire Cutter is required in order to remove placed wires. All wire colors become the same ordinary Wire item again when freed.