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Goblin Tinkerer

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O Goblin Tinkerer é um NPC que vende alguns itens unicos e pode Reforjar alguns itens . ele pode ser encontrado após a Goblin Army ser derrotada, spawnando aleatoriamente na profundidade das Cavernas. Ele primeiro apareçera amarrado, igual a Mechanic e o Wizard, Falando com ele enquanto amarrado ira libertalo. Então ele vai para uma de suas Casas se disponivel. Ele não precisara ser encontrado de novo se morto após as cordas serem tiradas.

Notas[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Enquanto estiver ele estiver amarrado, caso ele se morto, ele ira reaparecer no mesmo lugar após alguns segundos, se o jogador ir para longe deste lugar durante um período de tempo
  • Se ele levar dano antes de ser desamarrado, sua vida ira se restaurar
  • se você for usar o reforjar se prepare para ser roubado

Dicas[editar | editar código-fonte]

Falas[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • "Hey..what's [Nome da Mechanic] up to? Have you...have you talked to her, by chance?" (Só quando a Mechanic Estiver Presente)

Durante o dia:

  • "Goblins are very easy to anger. In fact, they'd start a war over cloth!"
  • "To be honest, most goblins aren't exactly rocket scientists. Well, some are."
  • "Do you know why we all carry around these spiked balls? Because I don't."
  • "I just finished my newest creation! This version doesn't explode violently if you breathe on it too hard."
  • "Goblin thieves aren't very good at their job. They can't even steal from an unlocked chest!"

Durante a noite:

  • "Hey, does your hat need a motor? I think I have a motor that would fit exactly in that hat."
  • "YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?"
  • "You know, that mining helmet-flipper combination was a much better idea on paper."
  • "Yo, I heard you like rockets and running boots, so I put some rockets in your running boots."
  • "Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver."

Quando sem casa:

  • "I can't believe they tied me up and left me here just for pointing out that they weren't going east!"
  • "Now that I'm an outcast, can I throw away the spiked balls? My pockets hurt."
  • "Looking for a gadgets expert? I'm your goblin!"
  • "Thanks for your help. Now, I have to finish pacing around aimlessly here. I'm sure we'll meet again."

Quando resgatado

  • "Thank you for freeing me, human. I was tied up and left here by the other goblins. You could say that we didn't get along very well."

História[editar | editar código-fonte]

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