Tempestade de Cristal

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(Redirecionado de Crystal Storm)
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Crystal Storm is a spell which may be crafted by combining a Spell Tome, 30 Crystal Shards and 20 Souls of Light at a Bookcase it is also found in dungeons. It fires small, magical projectiles at an insanely fast speed which spread out in a slight arc and decelerate after traveling a certain distance. The projectiles will light up the surrounding area and bounce off any walls for the duration of their lifespan, making this Weapon extremely lethal within enclosed areas, as well as useful for exploring caverns.

Crystal Storm benefits greatly from Reforging, as any offensive bonuses will add up quickly when applied to each of its numerous attacks. As of patch 1.1, it is regarded by many to be one of the best ranged magic weapons in the game. Because it can be crafted before fighting any of the hardmode bosses, players may wish to consider the acquisition of this spell to be one of their highest priorities after defeating the Wall of Flesh.